Press release: 28.09.2023

Eltorque is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of a lawsuit against Brødrene Dahl AS concerning breach of the Norwegian Marketing Act’s prohibition against actions contrary to good business practice. The case centered around Eltorque’s best-selling product, the QT250, and Brødrene Dahl’s launch of the copied device produced in Taiwan.

The case has been heard by two court instances, both of which have unanimously ruled that Brødrene Dahl has acted contrary to good business practice and thus rejected all Brødrene Dahls claims of lawful product development. The judgment is now final and enforceable, as the Supreme Court Appeals Committee has dismissed Brødrene Dahl’s appeal over the Court of Appeal’s ruling.

The judgment states that Brødrene Dahl,  Eltorque’s former closest business partner, has carried out deliberate, systematic, and particularly close copying of the QT250, e.g., by using product-specific information that had been entrusted to Brødrene Dahl during their long-standing collaboration with Eltorque.

As a result of this, Brødrene Dahl is imposed an indefinite ban against production, marketing and sale of the copied device. Brødrene Dahl argued that the ban should be time-limited but was not heard with this claim. The judgment sends an important message that lack of loyalty towards collaborators can lead to significant sanctions.

Eltorque is pleased to finally put an end to this matter and continue focusing on delivering high-quality products and services to our customers. This victory reinforces Eltorque’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of business practice and protecting its intellectual property rights.