A ship has valves used in the ballast water system, the fuel system, and loading and unloading fluids such as, e.g., oil. An actuator is a motor with gears and controls the opening and closing of the valves. Eltorque’s actuator’s unique design is part of a control system that allows the captain to open and close the valves from the bridge.

Quarter-turn actuators with permanent magnet motor technology are the original Eltorque actuators. The motor technology matched with built-in encoders ensures highly intelligent units with no need for maintenance, no limit-switches, and low energy demand. The CANopen communication protocol enables installation in loops, which significantly reduces cable installation work and gives the small volume of control cabinets.

  • With a torque range from 50 to 4000 Nm, these actuators can handle butterfly and ball-valves from ND25 to DN 800 in size.
  • Ex and Open deck options are available.
  • Available with CANbus, MODbus, Digital, and Analog signal interface.