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Valve Control Interface

Eltorque Valve Control Interface is a highly flexible interface unit for easy communication and optimalization of functionality for Eltorque actuators. 


The Valve Control Interface offers a wide range of communication protocols to the main control system, and utilizes the latest technology to make a high performance gateway.


A module based structure allows for distribution of several interface units, and the solution is suitable for both a small and large number of actuators. 


Interface control Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU (RS485), Profibus, Ethernet
Interface actuator CanOpen, Modbus, Digital, Analog
Max actuators

3 x 63 actuators per E-VCI

Control functions Open/Closed, Go to, Configuration of torque and speed (depending on control interface)
Feedback functions

Open/Closed, Position, Alarm status, Error status (depending on control interface)

For more detailed information, please download the Product Datasheet.