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Quality & HSE


Providing all customers with products and services of the highest quality is fundamental to the Eltorque business philosophy. All the way from idea and development to finished product and aftersales services, the aim is always to fulfil the needs and requirements of our customers. Based on these guidelines we have developed a Quality Commitment.
Eltorque shall meet customer demands and expectations in a cost-efficient way by:
- Being the market leader in quality, innovation and user friendliness
- Focusing on continuous improvements
- Ensuring a safe and good work environment
- Maintaining an environmentally friendly profile

Eltorque has developed a Quality Management system to support our Quality Commitment. This is in compliance with, as well as certified according to, ISO 9001:2015. In addition, we have Quality Assurance Notification and Quality Assurance Report (QAR for IECEx) for manufacturing of EX products.

Health, Safety and the Environment

Eltorque is continuously working towards a Vision Zero, which means no harm to people, environment or society. Through determined and systematic efforts, the company seeks to prevent all:
- All accidents and personnel injuries
- Damage to property or material assets
- Unnecessary environmental impact
Profitability is a prerequisite for further growth and the company can achieve this through a targeted management of safety, health, environment and quality.