Our bestselling quarter-turn actuator – QT250, just got an upgrade. Eltorque have been delivering the open deck to QT250 and QT800 for many years. Recently we added an upgrade to make it even better. This makes it more capable of dealing with extreme conditions. 

Extreme conditions
In addition to the standard version, Eltorque offers QT250/800 specialized versions with open deck feature. This is designed to be used on open deck or outdoor. A new coating standard makes the actuator able to handle extreme conditions, better than ever before. For this application we use the Norsok M-501 System 6 standard. 

More benefits
With the new coating new benefits applies. The coating makes optimal protection of the installation with a minimum need for maintenance, the coating system is also maintenance and application friendly. This coating also ensures that health, safety, and environmental impacts are evaluated and documented.

Robust material
We have added new material selection for the interface box, which increases the tensile strength. The alloy (A356) makes the interface box more resistant to corrosion. This makes it handle extreme weather and conditions better than before.

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