QT250 is the best-selling quarter-turn actuator from Eltorque. It is suitable for a wide range of small to medium sized butterfly- and ball valves with an operating torque of 50-250 Nm. The QT250 is available with Digital, Analog, MODbus and CANbus interfaces.

QT250 now supports dual CAN and failsafe features, which is intended to support IMO/SOLAS requirements for safe return to port (SRtP) and emergency shut down.



Min-max torque 50 – 250 Nm
Min-max closing time 0-100% / 0-90  13 – 60 sec
Valve spindle adapter 17x17mm
Valve flange F05, F07, F10 (According to ISO5211)
Valve applications Butterfly or ball valves with part-turn operation.
Example butterfly valves: DN80-DN200.



Weight 12 kg
Dimensions H/W/D 229/156/210 mm
Enclosure protection IP68 (10m 72hr) – Corrosion protected aluminum enclosure
Color Black
Operating conditions -25 to +55°C
Not designed for use on open deck of ship, outdoor close to salt water or exposure to corrosive chemicals.
Temperature protection Motor current is switched off in case of over-heating. Stator coils utilized as heating elements in case of low temperatures.


In addition to the standard version, Eltorque offers specialized versions of the QT250 for use either on Open deck or in EX classified zones. These actuators are technically similar to the Standard version, but are upgraded with key features to secure durability in tough conditions. An overview is listed below;



Color Silver
Operating conditions -25 to +70°C
Designed for use on open deck and outdoor. Should not be exposed to corrosive chemicals.

QT250 EX

Color Silver
Operating conditions -25 to +70°C

Should not be exposed to corrosive chemicals.

Certifications IECEx – Certificate of conformity
EX protection 1. Temperature call T4-maximum surface temperature 135°C in given ambient temperature

2. Gas group IIC

3. Equipment protection level Gb-zone 1


A new coating standard makes the actuator able to handle extreme conditions, better than ever before.
For this application we use the Norsok M-501 System 6 standard.  The coating makes optimal protection of the installation with a minimum need for maintenance, the coating system is also maintenance and application friendly. This coating also ensures that health, safety, and environmental impacts are evaluated and documented.

We have added new material selection for the interface box, which increases the tensile strength. The alloy (A356) makes the interface box more resistant to corrosion. This makes it handle extreme weather and conditions better than before.


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