Electric quarter-turn actuators

Quarter-turn actuators with permanent magnet motor technology are the original Eltorque actuators. Excellent controlling possibilities with built-in encoders ensure highly intelligent units with a low cost of installation and operation. Moreover, there is no need for maintenance and low energy demand, making ELTORQUE the future green solution.

The Eltorque electric actuators can be connected in series. As a result, they offer a plug-and-play solution with low installation costs and a high level of security. The installation cost is further reduced by combining the Eltorque actuators with the Eltorque Hybrid Marine Cable.

The CANopen communication protocol enables installation in loops, which significantly reduces cable installation work and gives a small volume of control cabinets.

  • With a torque range from 50 to 4000 Nm, these actuators can handle butterfly and ball valves from DN25 to DN800 in size.
  • Ex and Open deck options are available on most common electric quarter turn actuator variants.
  • Available with CANbus, MODbus, Digital, and Analog signal interfaces.