electric hydraulic actuators

The ELTORQUE EDQ/ESQ electro-hydraulic system is designed as a decentralized system, offering an alternative to the centralized system. Each electro-hydraulic actuator forms a self-contained unit.

Instead of hydraulic pipes, only cables need to be provided. Therefore, this solution offers effortless handling and installation. Compact design grants significant space savings. It provides maximum flexibility and enables reliable control of your rotary-driven valve.

  • It can be installed permanently submerged.
  • The torque range is from 125 – 20000 Nm.
  • Available with CANbus, analog, and  Digital signal interface.
  • Double-acting actuator (EDQ), open/close, and continuous operation.
  • Single acting actuator (ESQ), open/close operation with spring return
See product datasheet for specific product details.

See product datasheet.