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What shipowners want

CEO Arnstein Kjesbu of Eltorque, the leading manufacturer of electric valve actuators, has a clear idea of the value for shipowners of trouble-free systems: “Our company slogan is “Lifelong Intelligent Control”. That describes not just what our products do, but what shipowners get with Eltorque actuators controlling the vital valve systems on their ships. They don’t ever have to worry about maintenance, they have real-time communication with the actuators, and they have full and precise control over valve functions – for the life of the ship.”

Eltorque has honed and refined their mission-critical actuators to incorporate serial connections and a hybrid, CANbus connector cable that not only controls the actuator, but relays information to and from the unit, enabling operators to monitor in-situ status while exercising precision control over the valve.


Since Eltorque actuators are maintenance-free for life, valve control becomes just one less thing to think about in the bigger, more complex picture. Compact and lightweight as well, they contribute to a lighter vessel with more efficient use of space. Add to that ease of installation due to the efficient hybrid cable, and you have a vital component that delivers on every aspect of shipowner demands.


Future functionality today

But Kjesbu also sees Eltorque in a bigger picture, one where the future of shipping is defined: “Many systems will have to work together in order to realize the vision of tomorrow’s ships, with more automation, fewer onboard crew, and more remote operations.”


Even if fully autonomous shipping may never be realized, Kjesbu points out that improved or assisted shipping is already within reach. This heightens the demand on all essential equipment for reliable remote operation. And as enabling technology becomes more widespread, more owners and operators are demanding equipment performance that will allow them to step into the next era of shipping.


But the trademark Eltorque reliability is a valued commodity already today: “Many of our customers operate in remote areas, under extreme conditions. They know that if something goes wrong out there, help is far off, and that is why they trust us to deliver flawless functionality for valve control.”


This is backed up by leading wellboat owner Rostein AS, known for the quality of their services, and their equipment: “In Rostein AS, we demand high reliability in all equipment to be used on board our vessels. Our experience with Eltorque is that they deliver to our high standards,” says Joar Sand√ły, Technical Inspector with Rostein.


From fishing, to offshore, and beyond

Eltorque has been supplying all-electric valve control actuators to fishing and offshore support vessels for decades. From their beginnings in the North Sea, Eltorque is reaching out to new geographical markets, and to new segments:


“Our advanced technology is not necessarily for everyone. But segments like cruise, ferries, navy and superyachts have a lot to gain from advanced valve control. These benefits are also attractive for many onshore industries,” says Kjesbu.


“We can contribute to an overall more efficient ship by offering improved functionality and reliability. This enables more automation and remote operation. We definitely see our role in contributing to smarter, more efficient and more reliable ships, and contributing to shipowners’ peace of mind.”