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Eltorque releases the QT50

Eltorque has launched a new super compact valve actuator, the most sophisticated in our portfolio.

“The market has requested a compact and cost-effective actuator for small valves and in tight spaces. With the QT50, Eltorque has responded to that request by developing the smallest actuator in its class, at 2/3 of the weight and 1/3 the volume of competing products,” says Eltorque CEO Arnstein Kjesbu.


The most compact actuator Eltorque has ever offered, the QT50 still delivers the same heralded performance as all other of our products: maintenance free, IP68 protection rating, market leading functionality and feedback, time saving installation and commissioning, and the option of hybrid cable connectivity.


Designed for butterfly and ball valves primarily in the DN25–DN80 range, the QT50 actuator features CANbus, digital or analog control interfaces, improved visuals, and a unique planetary gear, all made to fit in the smallest possible packaging.


“We have launched the QT50 to strengthen our competitiveness in the range of small valves. With compact outer dimensions, low weight and high durability, we believe both maritime and onshore customers will benefit greatly from the QT50,” says Kjesbu.


Eltorque has become a frontrunner among maritime valve control suppliers due largely to our unique CANbus-based connection interface. Compared to conventional solutions, it allows for improved functionality and real-time feedback, as well as reduced installation and commissioning time. In addition, Eltorque valve control is completely maintenance free.


Positive market outlook

While offshore supply vessel projects have nearly evaporated, Eltorque has picked up on activity in other areas, and retains a positive view toward future markets. We got our start supplying fishing vessel applications, and the fisheries segment is currently experiencing an upturn in newbuilding. Other exiting prospects are in the booming cruise and passenger vessel markets, where the Eltorque concept fits well.


Eltorque`s CEO believes their products and solutions are well suited to most vessel types:

“We`re experiencing increased demand in several segments, and this pushes us to become an increasingly versatile and innovative supplier,” Arnstein Kjesbu concludes. “A stronger focus on technology, automation and life-cycle cost in the industry will be the key drivers going forward.”

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