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Eltorque launches Hybrid Cable

Over the years, Eltorque has built a strong position with its electric valve actuators. Some of the success is due to the possibility of serial connection, simplifying installation and increasing performance. This time, Eltorque has taken a huge leap forward with the launch of a Hybrid Power/CANbus cable, fundamentally changing the installation methodology. 

One of the major benefits to using Eltorque valve control is the possibility of serial connecting the actuators via CANbus interface. This allows for a very a precise remote control of valves, and at the same time provides real-time feedback to the user. More and more shipyards and owners see the benefits in terms of both installation and operational flexibility. 

Until now, separate Power and CANbus cables have been necessary components in the field bus. Compared to conventional valve control based on pneumatics or hydraulics, this type of field bus installation is already the most future-oriented solution. However, the new Hybrid Power/CANbus cable promises to be a game-changer. 

The DNV-GL Type approved cable combines CANbus and 1.5/2.5mm cross section power conductors into one simplistic and cost-effective product, which will offer huge savings for the builder. With only two cable glands on the actuators and one cable to install, time spent on installation has never been less. Add to that a potentially reduced weight in cables of more than 500kg per vessel, Eltorque`s new Hybrid cable is expected to further strengthen the company`s position in electric valve control.

“A part of our strategy going forward will be to develop new products around our actuator portfolio, and provide the market with solutions that integrate into the overall system. The new Hybrid cable is a great example of such a product”, says Eltorque`s CEO, Arnstein Kjesbu.

“The Hybrid cable is expected to strengthen our market position by reducing customers cost and risk of errors during installation. I think this product illustrates the simplicity of the Eltorque solution, and fits very well into our portfolio. We believe that our customers will see the benefits immediately”, Kjesbu concludes.