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Eltorque Ethics Policy

Eltorque executes business with integrity, in accordance with laws and regulations, respecting different cultures, the dignity and rights of the individuals in all locations that the company operates. The Eltorque Ethics Policy requires its directors and employees to maintain a high standard of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities.

The Eltorque Ethics Policy applies to the Board of Directors, the CEO, members of management and all other employees in all companies in the Eltorque Group, as well as others acting on behalf of Eltorque companies. 
One of the main objectives for Eltorque is to compete in a fair and ethical manner, and in compliance with competition rules, in the markets where we operate. The company seeks to conduct business with reputable customers, consultant and business partners who are involved in lawful business activities and whose funds are derived from legitimate sources. Suppliers should be treated impartially and justly, but are also expected to comply with applicable laws and Eltorque policies. 
Eltorque believes that diversity is a strength rather than a threat. This is a part of our employment policies, which are open and fair without any discrimination due to cultural base, gender, age, language, religion, race, skin color, disability or political opinions. However, it is the duty of all Eltorque directors and employees to make business decisions in the best interest of the company, and not based on their personal interests. 
If a violation has occurred, the relevant Board of directors or supervising manager shall take the necessary disciplinary and preventive actions.