Eltorque develops, manufactures, and markets electric actuators and control systems for the international shipbuilding and onshore industries.

Today, more than 105.000+ Eltorque actuators have been installed onboard over 1000 vessels.

Environmentally friendly

Eltorque actuators are energy efficient and comprise no pollutants.

100% real-time benefits

Eltorque’s remote control system offers real-time status on all valves, always giving the operator full overview.

Robust and future-oriented

We at Eltorque work continuously developing dependable products and solutions meeting future requirements.

Broad specter of ship design

We deliver tailor-made, reliable, and intuitive flow control solutions for numerous vessel designs and types. 

Maintenance-free solution

Eltorque actuators are highly intelligent units with no need for maintenance – designed to last the vessel’s lifetime.

105 000 + installed actuators

Today we have more than 105 000 electric actuators installed on 1000 vessels worldwide, and we have never experienced that a customer who has tried out Eltorque actuators, has gone back to an alternative brand.

Meet Our Clients

They Believe In Us

We have delivered actuators for the maritime industry since 1996 and have an extensive reference list of satisfied ship owners. Our goal is to provide the cleanest and most intelligent valve control solution on the market, with components that last the vessel’s lifetime.

good for the environment and low costs

  • Maintenance-free valve control solution
  • Pollution-free and no oil leakage
  • Less installation cost
  • Less operational cost

With Eltorques electrical actuators, you will save money and at the same time do good to the environment. When the actuators are not operating, they minimize energy consumptions by using low energy idle state. Over a lifespan on larger systems implementations, the minimized energy consumption implies substantial energy and fuel savings.

The electrical actuators comprise non-hazardous and fully recyclable materials, and there is no pollution during the manufacturing or operation. 


The future is electric

Eltorque is offering Failsafe to the QT-series. The failsafe option comprises both battery serving as power source and control electronics. Failsafe actuators provide extended functionality in case of main power supply loss. The Failsafe actuators automates the task of switching valves into a safe state. The safe states (i.e., maintain position, close/open, closing speed, temperature) are predefined by the ship design. 

  • Real-time feedback on all valves ensures safe and reliable operation
  • Encoder instead of limit switch